Vision and Values

We will provide a stimulating curriculum that ensures every pupil obtains high levels of academic progress and the school is recognised for its high standards of attainment.

We will be recognised in our community for our outstanding outdoor education and be able to offer resources and space to local partner schools.  

We will champion the wellbeing of our pupils and staff and ensure that our approach to education and professional standards supports positive wellbeing and mental health practises. 

How do we do this?

  • Inspire, motivate and challenge all children in a safe, secure and happy environment 
  • Prioritise the development of each child’s self-esteem and confidence set within a framework of character values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Achieve high standards in all areas of teaching and learning by practising proven educational programmes and methods that raise standards in attainment
  • Provide a creative and engaging curriculum that is rich in content and extra-curricular activities
  • Make full use of our learning environment, outdoor learning and the expertise of teachers, specialists and partnering organisations

What principles underpin our educational approach? 

Champions of childhood

We are champions of childhood for all children. Childhood is precious and important. Education should be positive, productive and purposeful. Children should have the opportunity and environment to explore, ask questions, acquire knowledge and skills, be creative, make positive relationships and have the freedom to develop their own individuality and personality. Schools are safe places for children to learn and discover the world, through play and teaching. Safe and stimulating environments that allow children to become independent and confident, kind and compassionate. Childhood should be made up of millions of experiences that bring joy, curiosity, understanding, friendship, laughter, awe, wonder and intrigue. A child’s school is a place that provides all of this; safely, fairly and consistently. 

Excellence by experts

Our teachers make up a team of inspirational educators and specialist teachers who are dedicated to going the extra mile for your child. We believe that all children have a right to excellence and the adults at Sulivan Primary School believe passionately in ensuring that every aspect of the pupils’ experience at Sulivan is of a high standard; academic, creative and pastoral. This ranges from their academic provision to the care and attention we give to their emotional and social development. Every developmental and academic milestone children take is important and we ensure that our teachers have the professional knowledge and skills needed to provide the right education at each stage of primary school. 

Nurturing in nature

Children need intellectual, emotional and physical space to grow. Therefore, we ensure our children learn a broad curriculum that makes the most of learning in and through nature as we know that the natural environment can offer every child a different opportunity to learn. Our learning garden, pond and meadow allow every child the chance to experience the natural world hand-in-hand with the vibrancy of a central London school.