Secondary School Choices

What schools do pupils typically move to in Year 7?

Families choose a range of schools depending on their preferences for co-ed or single sex education, educational approach, location and facilities to meet their child’s needs.

Pupils typically attend one of the following schools:

  • Lady Margaret’s School
  • Hurlingham Academy
  • Fulham Boys’ School
  • Fulham Cross Academy
  • Fulham Cross Girls’ School

How does the school support pupils moving to secondary school?

We make sure our children are ready for secondary school by preparing them academically and pastorally. Choosing the right school for each child is a priority for the school and we work closely with parents and secondary schools to support this process.

Academic readiness

We want all of our pupils to be confident and academically prepared for secondary school. We ensure that they have had enhanced academic support in order to achieve the end of Key Stage 2 attainment targets as well as additional support for those working above average expectations and for those who need adult support to access the full Year 6 curriculum.

Pastoral support

Moving on to secondary school is an exciting next step in a child’s educational journey. It can also be a time for reflection and anticipation. We ensure that pupils have many opportunities to think about and discuss their transition to Year 7 with familiar and trusted adults. In Year 6 we run Moving On sessions, transition days and 1:1 support for pupils who may need additional support when transitioning to a new school. Transition days, run by secondary schools, and our in-school sessions are engaging, motivating and informative sessions run by school staff or outside providers that enable pupils to learn more about the expectations of secondary school, experience some of the differences and meet pupils from other schools.

Parent consultations

We offer all parents and carers a parent meeting and family consultations when pupils begin Year 5. Our Headteacher and Year 6 teacher work closely with parents and children to support the process of choosing the right school and application process.

How do you apply for secondary school?

For all Hammersmith and Fulham, maintained schools, applications are made via the Hammersmith and Fulham Local Authority. More information about Secondary transfer can be found here.