Garden School

Sulivan has a long tradition of providing high-quality access to learning outdoors and promoting the benefits it can bring to young people’s wellbeing and learning.

Gardening has been on the Sulivan curriculum since the early 1990s when our wild garden was designed and built with the help of children and parents who were part of the school community at that time

Today, it is an oasis of calm, and it offers the opportunity for children to interact with the natural environment, beyond what you would expect in an inner-city school. Each week children spend time learning about nature, developing their gardening skills and knowledge or using it as a resource to support other areas of the curriculum. It is our outdoor classroom where children have the space to be as one with nature.  

Learning alongside experts

Sulivan also works in partnership with Hammersmith and Fulham Garden Association. One of their specialist gardener’s works with the children each week to develop their knowledge growing and caring for plants.

Sulivan staff know that time spent in nature has never been so important for young people’s mental health, development and academic progress and so Garden School remains a weekly fixture on our curriculum.

Sulivan Children working RHS Chelsea

We are proud to announce ...

This year Sulivan children are working with the RHS on an amazing project for the Chelsea Flower Show. They are creating history!  

They will be the first children to design and make a garden for the flower show. Working alongside Harry Holding, a garden designer, they will create ‘a garden for children, designed by children’. The children have named it the RHS NO Adults Allowed Garden.

Watch our video here

See more information on the RHS website here