Planning for Progress in Writing 

Our curriculum is designed so that our children become able and confident users of spoken and written language. We want them to be skilled communicators who are able to use language precisely and for effect, understanding how writing for different purposes and audiences affect style, composition and language choices. Therefore,  we have designed and developed a writing programme, Planning for Progress, using the principles and practises of Talk4Writing (Pie Corbett) and the Power of Reading (CLPE)

Planning for Progress, is a text based approach that develops reading and writing skills using a high quality text for each year group. 

  • Assessed Writing- children write a piece of unaided writing within a specific genre. This is used to assess their competency and gaps in understanding. This assessment informs the teaching content of learning programme. 
  • Writing Toolkits – created to teach the skills required to write successfully within each genre.
  • Book Based- all learning programmes are based on a complete text. For longer texts (KS2) class reading books are studied to understand genre writing. These may be studied prior to the teaching unit so that a shorter model text can be used to teach the specific writing skills for the learning programme. 
  • Model Texts – are used to teach the genre of writing. They are written as models of good writing and adapted to teach specific writing targets in each year group. Detailed assessments of children’s writing inform the teaching aims and modelled in the Model Text. Model texts are learnt, rehearsed and internalised to secure language and composition structures. Children are taught to analyse and innovate model texts, or parts of, to allow them to practise the knowledge and skills taught during the learning programme. Extensive feedback is given to pupils to ensure progress is made. 
  • Short burst writing- gives multiple opportunities for children to learn, practise and apply specific writing skills in short pieces of writing.
  • Independent writing- Pupils write an independent piece of writing of the same genre as the model text using their own ideas, adaptations and improvements.