Maths for everyone

We teach every child to be an able and confident mathematician and therefore we develop strong arithmetic and reasoning skills from the Early Years to Year 6. Pupils learn to become fluent in the methods, processes and language of mathematics so that they are able to apply concepts to a range of contexts both abstract and real-life. Problem solving, open ended investigations and verbal reasoning tasks allow pupils to become fluent and competent in all areas of primary mathematics.

Planning for Progress

We use the National Curriculum programme of study to plan the content of our curriculum. To plan progression of knowledge, skills and understanding, we use the White Rose Maths programme to ensure quality of teaching, consistency of methodology from Reception to Year 6. Each year, children build on prior learning, language, mathematical models and methods to progress their mathematical aptitude and ability. We teach our children to have fluency and recall of numerical facts, ability to apply calculation methods accurately and cognitive reasoning skills to solve mathematical problems so that they are able to work across all areas of maths accurately and with confidence.