Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

At Sulivan, our intent for Religious Education (RE) is to provide a rich and diverse curriculum that empowers students to develop a deep understanding of different religions and worldviews. We aim to foster an environment that respects and values diversity and religious freedom, as well as promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our RE curriculum is designed to enable all students to evaluate and reflect on their own beliefs, while exploring the beliefs and values of others. Our aim is to produce well-rounded pupils who possess a deep appreciation and respect for different faiths and cultures, which enables them to make positive contributions to society. We encourage our students to reflect on their own views, values, and experiences as well as to ask questions about the world. 

Curriculum Implementation

The school has adopted the United Learning Religion and Worldviews curriculum because it has been carefully sequenced to ensure coverage and appropriate progression through substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Where options in content occur, these are chosen carefully to reflect the school and the local community.  

Topics in Y1 to Y6 are taught discretely in half termly blocks to ensure lessons build on prior learning. In the EYFS Religion and Worldview objectives are taught within Understanding the World. 

Teachers plan a sequence of lessons in each unit to cover the core knowledge and skills. Misconceptions or gaps in knowledge are addressed as the learning progresses.  

Lesson resources and activities provided are adapted to meet the needs of all pupils. Content of lessons is broken down into small steps and the I We You approach is used to allow for modelling, guided practice and independent study. 

Our teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality RE lessons that meet the needs of all pupils. They use a range of teaching methods, including effective questioning, modelling and discussion to deepen pupils’ understanding of religious and cultural diversity. 

Lessons are complemented with objects, artefacts, visits and videos showing different religious ceremonies and practices.  

Curriculum Documents

Religion and Worldviews Curriculum Map